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Everybody wants to help protect the environment and Horizon Electric Lighting can make it happen! We can perform a 'green analysis' of your home or office and recommend the necessary lighting for your specific needs. Optimizing your electrical use can reduce energy bills by as much as 30% in some cases... Economical light fixtures are one of the easiest ways to save electricity, spend less money, and help the environment. Contact Horizon Electric Lighting today to find out how we can help you save electricity! 


Here are some examples of efficient electrical use:

  • Photocells, motion detectors, and timers can help control outside lighting.

  • Electronic high-frequency ballasts increase lamp-ballast efficacy as much as 20% over magnetic ones.

  • Fans and Louvers can help keep attics, warehouses, and buildings cooler in the summer by creating a cross draft.

  • Occupancy sensors can be used from bathrooms to warehouse isles to control fixtures only when needed.

  • Switching from incandescent light fixtures and bulbs to CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs can save up to seventy-five percent of your total lighting costs.

  • Fixtures that have the Energy Star seal have been proven to be up to 40% more energy efficient than other standard fixtures.

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